By reason of the Corona virus

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Hi all K-students!

Hope you are well under the present circumstances. Hopefully you are already keeping up to date with the Corona virus and what applies to us as students via your email and on the Student Portal. Below you will find information from the student union’s Student Liason Officers regarding exams and courses for the next period:

After the government’s press gathering, the Principal decided that all teaching and examination will be executed remotely starting from March 18th. The Faculty through the Faculty Management have complied with this decision, which include all types of teaching and examination with no exceptions.

There are exams for many students affected by this, and it is up to the Prefect for each department to delegate a decision on how an exam will be executed and in what format it is to be handed in (either as a picture of a written paper with answers photographed or scanned, or as a word- or text file), meaning the examinator for each course will most likely be the judge on this. The hand in time for each exam till be the same as before, but with 20 minutes extra time to be used for uploading the files with the exam on the Student Portal. The departments also have the oppurtunity do dviate frmo the course plan if it is deemed necessary. Be prepared that this can be noticed, for example examtionation forms may be changed. Some courses have already scheduled seminars as a compliment to exams. If you have reported need for special customization for exams you will be contacted by coordinators for student in need of extra support to discuss how those needs can be met. Extended examination times will still be treated as with a normal exam.

The government recently put out a proposal that student aids will continue to be given even if the University is forced to close, or if courses should be canceled or interrupted by illness. The proposal was approved, so this is a fact now. If you fall ill the same guidlines apply as before; if you are sick you need to report this to F√∂rs√§kringskassan and if you are sick for more than 14 days you may need to get a doctor’s attestation.

During the next period all teaching will be executed remotely. Laborations, seminars and other obligatory elements may change form or be removed depending on the examinator’s, the Programme Responsible’s or the departments decision. A recommendation is to make yourselves familiar with the conference tool Zoom on your computers, as this to a large extent will be used for teaching at the university. Other tools and individual adaptations will be made, to best prepare for this you are referred to the respective course responsible.

Lastly, keep yourselves updated via email and on the Student Portal at this page. Wash your hands and take care!