About Uppsala

Uppsala – The student city

Uppsala is the city of students. Approximately one in four inhabitants is a student, and Uppsala is still Sweden’s fourth largest city. Here, student culture has flourished for more than five hundred years and it undoubtedly constitutes a large part of the city’s soul. Being a student in Uppsala feels like being in the center of the world. Everything revolves around studying and student life, and the range for students is huge. Much of what is offered is organized by the students themselves through the 13 student nations and the three student unions, which entails prices and opening hours adapted for students. A restaurant lunch for SEK 60 and pubs that close around twelve on weekday evenings, for example. Check out the student nation guide and see what happens tonight.

• Linked here is a map of the main campuses. 

Welcome here!

During the first few weeks of welcome reception and in the start of the sponsor project, the older students ensure that you as an engineering and science student quickly get into student life. You will get to know people who study both the same and similar programs as you, all at different stages of their education. As a new student, you are faced with a lot of new things at once and the need is great to quickly get into a social context and make new friends. The purpose of the welcome reception is to speed up the process, to break the ice during playful activities to get people to get to know each other. If you are not the playful type there are also other activities to choose from, but everything is of course voluntary – the reception is organized for you as a new student.

Here you will find your place

At Uppsala University there is education in all subject areas. There are also all kinds of people, from all over Sweden and many parts of the world, with different backgrounds and interests. In the student corridor and in the student nations, you meet across subject boundaries, which opens up a broader perspective and a richer social life. Like-minded people are guaranteed to be found in one of the nations’ over a hundred associations dealing with everything from sewing circles to martial arts.

Student life in balance

Students who are well are studying well. As an Uppsala student, you are guaranteed a basic level of exercise if you, like most people, choose to get around by bike. Studying is generally associated with a lot of sedentary work. It is therefore wise to oxygenate the brain and let the body work for a change. There are many sports and forms of exercise to choose from, and in addition to the city’s general offerings, the nations have their own sports clubs. The Student Health Service also operates two of its own training facilities in the middle of campus.

Making friends and an interesting as well as active leisure time is of great importance in order to enjoy and succeed in your studies. In Uppsala, all conditions are fulfilled for students to enjoy their time here!