The section

The K-section, or the Chemical Engineering section, is a sectional association in the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN), which monitors, promotes, and makes the most of the interests of the approximately 300 students in the Master of Science in Chemical Engineering program. The Chemical Engineering section is created by students, for students. As a student in on of the programmes, you are automatically a member of the section and are entitled to vote at the section general meetings.

The aim of the sectional work is to create cohesion among the students on the programme and to provide a wide and varied range of activities in addition to the studies. The K-section also works to maintain contact with industry, and for an active dissemination of information to potential students. The section strives to create the best possible study environment for its students and encourages everyone who wants to participate and get involved. The K-section is run exclusively by students at the Master of Science in Chemical Engineering Program and the Master Program in Additive Manufacturing.