Are you an alumnus of the Chemical Engineering Program? We would like to have contact with you!

As a student, we believe that making contact with alumni can be very rewarding. It can give a better insight into what you want to do after your studies or inspiration to keep your study motivation up. If you are an alumnus and want to meet current students, join our activities or come and tell us what you are doing right now, please let us know! Furthermore, we are compiling an alumni register and you are highly welcome to be a part of it. Sign up in our alumni register below!

If you have any questions about the alumni register, you can contact the Secreteray as well as Internationally Liable Person in the Board at The K-section also has a group on LinkedIn that is aimed at our alumni. This can be found via our LinkedIn page. Here you can make contacts with other alumni, and invitations to events with alumni may be shared both here and via e-mail from the alumni register.

Alumni Register

    With giving us this information via this form you give consent that the K-section handles this according to our Policy for the Processing of Personal Data. It is the K-section that is the responsible party for handling of your personal data in this form. If you have questions you can contact the K-section on Facebook or send an email to or can always withdraw your consent at a later time according to GDPR.