Dress codes 

As a student at the K-section there will be many opportunities to attend different sittings and events where there are varying dress codes. In principle, it is always stated in the event which dress code applies. To clarify what the different codes include, we thought we would describe them below! Please not that the dress codes are taken from UTN’s songbook.

Themed costume

Sometimes different events have a theme, and if it states “dress up according to the theme” or similar, it means just that. For example, if it is a Halloween sitting, themed costume means for example costume as a witch, vampire, etc. 

Smart casual 

  • Suit jacket is optional
  • Shirt, blouse or fancy shirt with or without tie or bow tie
  • Skirt or trousers do not have to match the potential suit jacket
  • The skirt or dress should be about knee-length

Business Casual or Dark Suit

  • Dark suit, pantsuit, skirt and blouse or dress
  • Skirt and dress should go below the knees but not all the way down to the floor
  • Tie or bow tie should be worn to suit

Formal wear

  • Tailcoat, long dress, uniform or folk costume
  • The tailcoat is worn with a white vest and white bow tie unless otherwise stated in the invitation
  • Gloves can be worn for dress and tailcoat, but then no arm jewelry is worn.
  • Gloves are not worn when you eat
  • For a dress, you can have a small bag.
  • For a long dress or tailcoat, UTN (Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students) cap as well as student cap can be worn