If you have any questions regarding your studies, you can contact the following persons. You also have Course- and Welfare Contacts in each class that you can turn to if you have comments regarding lectures, lessons, seminars, laborations, assignments, exams and more. This also applies for lecturers, lab tutors, teachers etc. Your contact will bring your matter to the Course Contact Meetings that take place regurlarly. People attending these meetings are among others the Program Coordinator, Student Counselor and other Course Contacts. At the meetings all courses and their respective elements within the program are discussed with information, feedback, constructive critisism and compliments from the students. These are then brought to the concerned party.

More information

Student Councellor

Paula Forslund

+4618-471 34 77

Program Coordinator Chemical Engineering

Erik Lewin

+4618-471 3768

Program Coordinator Additive Manufacturing

Urban Wiklund

+4618-471 3092