The Chemical Engineering section (the K-section) is a division within Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN) consisting of future chemical engineers. Here you will find sought-after people with good knowledge in chemical engineering and with cutting-edge knowledge in material sciences or pharmaceuticals. Would you be interested in profiling your company as a future employer? In such cases, the K-section offers a variety of opportunities for companies and organizations to get in touch with our members. Below we list a selection of opportunities for you to choose from.


Company Safari

Would you like to receive a visit from 60 students for a couple of hours? During one day, we rent a bus to come on a study visit to your workplace. We visit a couple of companies during the same day to give students a broader insight into working life. You may decide how the visit to your workplace is arranged, and it is an excellent opportunity to, for example, inform about the company’s activities and whether you are looking for students in the future for thesis projects, summer jobs or the like. 

Labor Market Day

The day starts off with a fair aimed at Chemical Engineering students where you get the chance to profile your company against 300 students during the morning. The day ends with a dinner in the afternoon where you get the opportunity to network with about 100 engineering students, most of whom are at the end of their education. This dinner is an opportunity for you to both present the company’s operations, but also to exchange information about possible summer jobs, thesis work and other information that you might consider interesting from a recruiters point of view.

Lunch Lecture

Typically considered a smooth way for companies to market themselves to our students. A classic lunch lecture is where you get the opportunity to give a 45 minute presentation, workshop or case study for our students. Lunch lectures can vary in size, ranging from only a few, all the way up to about 300 students. Lunch lectures can be given to multiple sections (programs) simultaneously if you want to reach a wider and varied audience.

Evening Event & Study Visit

Do you want more time with our members than 45 minutes? During an evening event you get the possibility to meet our members after working hours, in a more relaxing environment and more time to spare. Here you will have the opportunity to give longer presentations or workshops, and network on a more personal level. The K-section can also offer facilities at the university for such evening events.

Study visits are a perfect option if you want to show off your workplace and give the target group a closer connection to the company!


Do you want to reach out to our members with information? We offer advertising through our social media on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, our website and our monthly newsletters. In addition to this, we also offer posters on campus, targeted email mailings and the possibility to place your logo on our profile products such as lab coats, bags, sweaters, etc. Please visit our LinkedIn page. On LinkedIn there is also the opportunity to reach out to our alumni through our alumni group.

Own proposal?

The above are suggestions for general events we normally offer. If you have your own suggestions for something you want to put through, don’t hesitate to contact K-section’s business contacts and they will help you implement your ideas!

Price List

Lunch Lecture 7000 SEK

Evening- or Breakfast Event 7000 SEK

Study Visit Transport Cost + Possible Food

Company Safari 10 000 SEK

Marketing (both social media and website, possible email newsletter) 1000 SEK

In the case of sponsorship agreements, the price list will be adapted. Please note that prices above are suggestions, contact us for more information!


Ragnar Silfur

Enterprise Manager, the K-section

 Damona Zohouri

Deputy Enterprise Manager, the K-section