Board of Directors

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Julia Regnell

Hello Hello! So glad you found it here! My name is Julia and I am in my third year at K, majoring in medicine. By pure chance, I became the president of the best section in the world and no one could be happier about this than me!

This is my second semester as president and the main area of responsibility is being the “spider in the network”. This means that I have overall responsibility for our business! My duties range from supporting my fellow board members in their duties to convening section members to the section’s general meeting every spring and autumn.

You are most welcome to contact me if you have any questions about our business or the work we do. If I can’t answer you, I can at least forward you to the right person. We on the board are here to make sure that you K-students have as good a study environment and study life as possible!

Treasurer as well as Vice President

Rikard Broman

Hello! My name is Rikard, studying in the third year, and I have the position of Treasurer as well as Vice Chairman! As treasurer, you have full responsibility for the section’s finances, both in terms of income and expenditure, as well as bookkeeping. I don’t know whether all roads lead to Rome, but I do know that all the section’s financial affairs go through me.

In addition to financial responsibility, the position also means that you are vice chairman. As deputy, I make sure to support our chairman Julia in everything she might need.

If you have any questions about my post, our finances or something similar, just get in touch!


(Deputy) Enterprise Manager

Damona Zohouri


Hello!!! My name is Damona and I am now in my third year at K, specialising in materials. I sit as deputy business manager on the board together with business manager Ragnar. Together we are responsible for connecting students to the business community and therefore organise events together with companies, including lunch lectures and labour market fairs. We are also responsible for sponsoring profile products and ensuring that the new students are equipped with lab coats and lab glasses. In addition, we run our very own corporate office that helps us organise events.

Enterprise Manager

Ragnar Silfur

Hello, my name is Ragnar Silfur and I am the deputy head of business for the K-section. If you are wondering who organizes the lunch lectures, the inspirational lectures and the MarKQnadsdaX labor market, it is me together with the regular business manager who organizes this. To help us, we have the Swedish Enterprise Agency, which helps with business-related events! It is a post that is both challenging and rewarding. The fun is when you find someone interested and together create a wonderful event that shows the possibilities of the education for those who are studying.

(Deputy) Head of the Pub Crew

Axel Svenson

Hi! My name is Axel and I hold the position of Head of the Pub Crew. I’m a second year student at K and together with Amelie we are the section’s Head of Pub Crew duo! We are responsible for all sessions and other social events during the year. Together with the club team, we work to make your study time as fun and eventful as possible! In addition, we hope that our involvement strengthens the cohesion internally within the section, but also to other sections through joint events. If you have any questions, ideas or concerns, do NOT hesitate to contact us! 🙂

Head of the Pub Crew

Amelie Jenmalm

Hello! My name is Amelie and I am the K section’s Head of the Pub Crew. I’m in my third year with specialization in medicine and together with Axel we make up the Pub Crew duo. We are responsible for all the section’s social events during the year! My job is to make sure that you get a student life you will never forget and that you create contacts with other engineers in fun ways. We also have our nice club team that helps us realise our visions and make sure to give you that little extra!

Do you have questions or ideas? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Public Relations Liable Person and Webmaster

Jonna Hasselaar

Hi there! My name is Jonna and I am in my third year of chemical engineering majoring in material science. My role as PR liable person & Webmaster includes a lot of fun tasks, such as updating and maintaining the website you are currently using. In addition to the website, I also manage the section’s Instagram and Facebook pages. As PR liable person & Webmaster, I am also responsible for marketing the K program! I am also responsible for buying in and designing our stylish profile products, such as our student overalls, sweatshirts, backpacks and badges. 

Do you want to market ex-jobs or other things to K-students? Contact me via my email! If you have any other questions about my post or about any of my areas of responsibility, don’t hesitate to get in touch via email, Facebook or just grab me in the corridors at Ångström!


Internationally Liable Person as well as Secretary

Sara Wallman

Hello everyone! My name is Sara and I’m doing my fourth year of chemical engineering, specializing in material science. I’m the Internationally Liable Person as well as Secretary at our wonderful section.

My work includes informing about studies abroad and doing your master thesis abroad as well as being responsible for the students belonging to the master programmes at the K-section. I am also part of UTN:s international committee. As secretary I also write the minutes at board meetings and general meetings.

Please don’t hesitate to stop me in the corridor or write me an email in case you have any questions or thoughts regarding any of this. I’ll see you at Ångström!

Student Welfare Liable Person

Cajsa Jonsson

Hello! My name is Cajsa and I am in my fourth year at K with a specialization in medicine. I have the role of student welfare liable person for the K section.
My position means that I am the section’s main safety representative and that I am responsible for the study social monitoring. This includes work environment, equal treatment and equality issues. In addition, I am also responsible for the pluggfika that takes place twice a semester where cookies and coffee / tea will be offered.
If you have questions, concerns or ideas, the easiest way to get in touch with me is via email, facebook or by stopping me in the school’s corridors.

Education Liable Person

Maj Yngveson

Hi there! My name is Maj Yngveson and I study the third year of K with a specialisation in medicine. I am responsible for education for the K-section and that means that I take care of study monitoring, keep track so that our courses are relevant to the education and that we follow current guidelines. I also hold the study councils where you can come and think about the courses, so don’t miss it!


Feel free to contact me if there is something problematic with any course or if you want to know about your rights as a student. You can also contact me if you have other questions regarding your education! You can reach me on my email, Facebook or somewhere in the corridors at BMC or Ångström.

Sports Manager

Rickard Wemlén

Hello! My name is Rickard and I am in the fourth year of the materials orientation. I am the one who is responsible for sports in VT23 and it is my task to organize sports-related events for the section. My goal in the post is to have a varied offer with different sports and activities where everyone should feel welcome. For me, exercise is an essential part of everyday life because it helps me with physical and mental well-being, but above all I think it’s extremely fun. Looking forward to seeing you at training.

If you have any questions or requests, it’s great to get in touch with me, and feel free to say hello if you run into me at Ångan!