Board of Directors



Louise Nilsson

Hi! My name is Louise and I am studying my fifth and final year in the Chemical Engineering program with a focus on material sciences. I am the section President and have overall responsibility for the entire work of the board. My role is to plan our operations, to support the other board members in their positions if necessary and is the one who convenes board meetings as well as the sectional general meetings every autumn and spring.

Contact me if you have general questions about the section, the work of the board, or if you do not know where else you can turn so that I can at least forward you to the relevant authority. It is incredibly important for me personally and the entire board that you as a member of the K-section have a good study time and study environment. If you need help or have concerns, there is always someone you can get in touch with. Myself and my amazing colleagues on the board are doing everything we can to ensure that everyone in the K-section have as good of a time as possible!

Treasurer as well as Vice President

Erik Österlund

Hi! My name is Erik and I am the Treasurer as well as Vice President of the K-section. My role as Treasurer is that I take care of the section’s finances and as Vice President I am there to support our President. The financial work is about keeping track of all our revenue and expenses, which often means helping the other board members with payments and fundraising for all of their various events. If you have spent your own money for the section, get in touch with me and we will solve it!

(Deputy) Business Contact

Cassandra Liljekvist

Hi there! My name is Cassandra and this is my second year at the K-section. My role as deputy buisness contact together with Elisabet is to introduce you to the job market. We arrange anything from job fairs to lunch lectures and workshops. We are also responsible for sponsors to get lab coats, and profile products like sweaters and bags.

Feel free to contact me or Elisabet if you have any suggestions or ideas on events, a specific company you would like to meet or any other questions.

Business Contact

Elisabet Crona

Hi! My name is Elisabet and I am studying my fourth year of chemical engineering with material science speciality. I am the business representative for the section which means that I am, along with Cassandra, the connection between students and the labour market. We organise events during the year such as lunch lectures, corporate fairs and study tours. We are also responsible for sponsoring of profile products.

If you have any suggestions for events or profile products please do not hesitate to contact us!

(Deputy) Head of the Pub Crew

Mwansa Benaya

Mwansa here, I go the second year at chemical engineering, and I am the programs assistant Head of Pub! My partner in crime, Emil, and I, are in charge of planning the program divers events. Evenets that are both within and outside of the program and anything from dinners till movienights. Since it is a lot of work, we get help from our wonderful pub crew who help us coordinate these events If you have any questions about my position, the pub crew, upcoming events or event ideas etc. Don’t be shy to ask, I don’t bite!

Head of the Pub Crew

Emil Axelsson

HEY! Head of Pub, Emil, here! I’m currently a second year student here at the Chemical Engineering Programme! Together with my second head of pub, Mwansa, I am responsible for the Chemical Engineering sections festive events! This is done to contribute to an attractive student life, create interactions between the different sections at Uppsala University and maintaining certain the chemical sections traditions! This is done through sittings, pub-sweeps and other fun activities! I am also responsible for our lovely pub-crew who assists us in these activites!
Do you have any questions or ideas? Don’t be afraid to contact me or Mwansa!

Public Relations Liable Person and Webmaster

Axel Möllerberg

Hello! My name is Axel and I am currently in my second year of chemical engeneering. My role as PR- & Webmaster​ is to update and maintain the website you are currently using. I also have other duties such as managing our Instagram and Facebook feeds. I also am the one responsible for buying and designing clothes and other profile products.

If you are interested in my post or anything regarding our profileproducts, let me know! You can reach me on my email, my facebook or in person.

Internationally Liable Person as well as Secretary

Daniel Feldt

Hey! My name is Daniel, I am studying the fifth year of the material sciences specialization and I am the section’s Internationally Liable Person as well as Secretary. Being a secretary includes, among other things, keeping minutes at all board meetings as well as sectional general meetings and study councils. I am also responsible for the section’s archives.

As internationally liable, I partake in UTN’s International Committee, where issues of internationalization and the like are discussed. Furthermore, it is my responsibility to provide the members of the section with information on exchange studies, through events organised by the International Committee and more.

Are you interested in accessing an old meeting minutes, or do you have questions about exchange studies? Please contact me!

Student Welfare Liable Person

Matilda Firsching

Hi, my name is Matilda and I study the second year of the chemical engineering program. I am the student welfare officer for the K-section and my main task is to promote the wellbeing for us students. I take care of issues/topics regarding work environment, equal treatment, and gender equality. If something feels wrong or if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the study environment, do not hesitate to contact me!

I also arrange the traditional study-“fika” (I am more than happy to receive “fika” / cake suggestions. I am also responsible for our section room where you can sit and study or have a cup of coffee or tea, among other things. I can be reached via facebook or email, but of course you can also stop me in the corridors if you happen to run into me!

President of the Educational Council

Siman Singh

Hey! My name is Siman Singh, and I am the section President of the Educational Council, and I am currently studying my fourth year of the material sciences specialization. I am responsible for study monitoring in our section, and I carry this out by meeting employees at the university, sitting in various committees and councils to make sure that the students’ voices are heard and to improve the educations for all students at our section.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your education, you can turn to me. You can easily reach out to me in the corridor, on Facebook or by mail.

Remember, by course evaluating, you make a difference!

Sports Manager

Anton Arvidson

Hey! My name is Anton and I am in my third year. I am the sports manager for Autumn 20-Spring 21, my task is to fix sports-related events for the section and together with other sections. I will try to have a variety in activities I organize and will make sure that everyone feels welcome at the trainings. Training for me is really the highlight of the week when you can completely unwind from your studies.

Looking forward to seeing you at the trainings. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact me.

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