Course Reports

What are course reports?
Course reports are compilations of answers that students provide to course evaluations. Course evaluations should be given and be made available by the course coordinator in all courses. If this is not the case, please contact the Education liable person at The evaluations are made available on the Student Portal about one week prior to the end of the course and is open another week after that, but this varies. For some courses, often for the pharmaceutical part of the programme, course evaluations are made available through email. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact the Study Council President.
What do they contain?
The content of course reports can vary. In some cases only a brief compilation in text of the overall opinions is given, while sometimes we are also given access to a compilation of the answers students provide to different questions. Unfortunately, there are no strict guidlines on how course reports should be presented and it is therefore up to each course coordinator to decide for themselves. Hence, there is a variation in appearance and content of the reports. Despite this, it is important that each course report reflects the actual opinion of the course from the student. If you were to read a course report that you consider to deviate from this you should contact the Study Council President.
How do you get access to course reports?
Course reports under the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology are made available through the Staff Portal, which is the equivalent of the Student Portal only for staff at the university. Course reports in some courses of the pharmaceuticals part of the programme are made availabe via email from the Pharmaceutical Student Union. However, this does not mean that the board does not have access to all reports. In some cases the answers to the course evaluations are divided into different programs, meaning there is not always a report for K since there are too few answers provided. Furthermore, not all course reports for every course are available as seen below. The board was not able to aquire these and some courses only have reports from several years back. There could be several reasons for this. Either that a course evaluation was not given, the course report was not made available at the Staff Portal, there could have been odd or offensive answers or that there simply was not enough answers to compile a report. Remember NOT to make personal attacks in your course evaluations!
Below you will find the latest reports the board hace access to. There may be some missing since we have not been able to aquire them yet. Continous work is being put into this so that all student have access to new and updated course reports in all courses.
To get more reports it is important that you course evaluate!
If you wish to have reports from earlier years than those given below, contact the Education liable person at