Labor market

As a Chemical Engineer, many doors are open and the possibilities are great regardless of which specialization you choose. Recent alumni studies show that 91% had jobs within 3 months of graduation, of which 75% had a job within a month of graduation and no one went unemployed for more than a year. Whether you want to do research or work in the industry, there is the opportunity. Chemical engineers can be found in many places in the community!

You will end up in a research-intensive industry and the tasks can vary greatly. Laboratory work is common, but far from all have laboratory tasks in their profession. Just over a third of the alumni surveyed had no laboratory tasks in their profession. In addition to research and development, many work with consulting, process/product development and with quality issues. It is common to have a managerial position as a director or project manager.


Material Science

When it comes to the Pharmaceutical specialization, there has been an increasing need for engineers with a focus on pharmaceutical science. Sweden has a long tradition in pharmaceutical research and in relation to the population we have several pharmaceutical companies, just over 60, that are also very successful. In recent years, companies in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology in Sweden, and especially in the Uppsala area, have increased significantly which means that the demand for civil engineers with pharmaceutical competence is great. Many small research-intensive companies have recently attracted capital and increased the need for qualified staff.

The Material Science specialization opens up to work in one of Sweden’s largest industries, the materials sector. It has a turnover of large sums and is one of Sweden’s leading export industries, which employs people from a broad background, including chemical engineering. The metal-, paper- and electronics industries are examples of who needs material chemists. The medical device industry also has a need for staff knowledgeable in materials and equally so companies working with biomaterials. Materials of different sorts are found everywhere, therefore the possibilities to work as a material chemist are nearly endless.