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Welcome to the Master Programme in Chemical Engineering with specialisation in Pharmaceuticals or Material Sciences!
The masters programme in chemical engineering at Uppsala University is a unique education that provides a broad and solid technical foundation, and then provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in both pharmaceuticals and materials. There is a sea of elective courses besides the broad foundation that can be chosen to tailor a degree with courses that are both relevant to your interest, working life and research. The program is designed in a way so that K-students get in touch with relevant companies throughout the education. Furthermore, students are provided with proper practical practice, such as laboratory sessions continuously. All this and more contributes to the high employment rate after graduation and high quality of education. Concluding, Uppsala is a leading student city, which means that K-students are always offered endless opportunities for social events and engagement in various student organisations.


More and more companies in biotechnology as well as the constant need for material development make chemical technicians a sought-after profession. Those studying chemical engineering at Uppsala University can focus either on pharmaceuticals or on material sciences, both important areas for our country’s industrial future. 

The education consists of a master’s degree in engineering combined with chemistry. Halfway through the training, a profiling is done towards either pharmaceuticals or materials. Both of these specializations are unique to the master’s degree in engineering at Uppsala University and they both hold a wide range of courses. The programme is for five years, but it is possible to retrieve a bachelor’s degree in technology after three years and go straight to industry, or supplement with any master’s degree. If you want to learn more about the education there is more information in the tabs above.

Focusing on skills

The education puts special emphasis on the ability to analyse, formulate and solve problems. The idea is to develop the ability to apply gained knowledge for a future professional job. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the education is about providing engineering skills to the students. This is done in connection with laboratory work, project work and communication training. The chemical engineering students participate in Uppsala’s “chemistry profile” initiative for the chemistry courses of the first semesters.

Highest rating nationally

In 2013, the University Chancellor’s Office (UKÄ) carried out an evaluation of all the country’s master’s programmes. The Master of Science in Chemical Engineering at Uppsala University received very good reviews. If you want more information you can visit  UKÄ:s website or open the total assessment of courses in engineering and engineering science 2013

About the section

In the warm cohesion of the K-section you will experience your best years in forest green overalls, with tons of opportunities to combine business with pleasure. In addition to the studies, you are offered the opportunity to engage with amazing people and participate in regular and varied sports activities. You also get the chance to experience the mythical Sodium event, compete for the trophy in the (K)beer-pong tournament and participate in the Halloween sitting. Go on a K-cruise across the Baltic Sea, or perhaps support the rest of the section in paintball war against the other programs? All this starts with the annual K-sitting, which takes place during the reception. 

You’re going to enjoy your time here!