As a student in Uppsala, it can be difficult to find residency. A good advice from us to be able to get a home that you are satisfied with is to get in housing queues in good time. If you are not already in Uppsala’s housing queues, you should get into it as soon as you have decided to study in Sweden’s best student city! It is also worth remarking that housing can be obtained through the student nations. Different nations, which are the social hub of student life with housing, scholarships, clubs, culture, pubs, associations, sport and much much more, have different numbers and types of housing. So if you do not yet have a residence, or if you think you are going to want to change the form of housing you presently reside in, it is recommended to join the nation with the type of housing you are interested in and then join their housing queue. Other than the student nations, there are several housing queues you can join. However, most have merged and formed a common housing queue, Uppsala’s housing agency, which costs 290 SEK per year. Otherwise, there are still for example Heimstaden and Studentboet, which offer student accommodation. An additional tip is to look for second-hand accommodation on Blocket or similar pages!

Don’t forget to get a home insurance when you find an accomodation!