The Study Situation This Fall

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The fall term is starting soon and surely many are wondering how our studies will be affected during the coming term. This will vary from course to course. Down below you will find information, as well as some decisions and guidelines from the University management to reduce the risk of spreading. These can change, so please keep yourself informed via email, on the student portal and on the university website with recommendations on the corona virus.

  • For all classroom based teaching it will be possible to participate via Zoom
  • Teachers are encouraged to keep distance studies
  • Obligatory elements which requires physical presence will be kept on campus, such as laborations
  • The Public Health Agency’s recommendation with crowds of 50 persons maximum will be indicative for all activity at the University
  • All classrooms will be filled to a maximum of half the capacity
  • Scheduling will be done with the goal of a maximum of 300-350 students on campus Ångström/ITC at any one time
  • Students are strongly advised not to be present on campus outside scheduled time that requires physical presence
  • Hand disinfection stations will be available at appropriate places on campus

We will all have a somewhat different fall term at university than what we might be used to, or are expecting. Make sure to keep distance, keep good hand hygiene and follow the recommendations and guidelines that are in place. The Board will do everything we can to keep offering as many activities and events as possible given this, we hope you all are just as excited as we are!💚