Uppsala Student of the Year 2020

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You are now able to nominate to the distinction Uppsala Student of the Year. The purpose is to promote young peoples efforts at Uppsala University in a spirit of entrepreneurship and creative thinking. The scholarship is worth 100 000 SEK.  

It is an amazing opportunity for you to nominate your friends or classmates for the work they put in to your organisations, both for volounteering and paid work. Nomination is submitted on September 21st 2020 at the latest.

Who can be nominated?

The scholarship is awarded to a student who has distinguished themselves through their good, creative efforts at Uppsala University. They should also have taken part in student union and/or student nation activities or has made special efforts in support of other students. Alternatively, they have developed entrepreneurship in connection with the University’s activities.

The nominee shall have good study results and shall have completed a significant portion of their studies, but not have finished their undergraduate course or programme.

Who can nominate and hos is it done?

Everyone with a connection to the University, both organisations and individuals, may nominate candidates for the award. For instance individual students and teachers, alumni, student nations, faculty boards, departments and other organisations and associations.

If you make references to engagements within any student organisation (nation, student union, and/or other) please provide the following information: Name of the position, time period of the position, scope and responsibilities of the position, as well as information regarding any extraordinary achievement that you would like to stress.

Please send in your nomination to www.uu.se/goto/studentoftheyear on  September 21st 2020 at the latest.