Apply for course and safety representative or course representative for specialization pharmaceuticals!

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In order for you students to receive a good education as possible, we need course and safety representatives in the K-program as well as course representatives for specialization in pharmaceuticals. As representatives you get the opportunity to influence the education meanwhile you get a better insight into the university and the program itself. No previous experience is required, and you can make a big difference for everyone in the programme!


Course and safety representative:


There must be one course and safety representative per class. This position involves collecting opinions from your specific class regarding current and completed courses and highlighting these in meetings with the program manager, study counselor and other course and safety representatives. These meetings provide an opportunity for discussion and make it possible to take action and see what needs to be taken further to improve the courses in the program. The arrangement is one meeting each period (two each semester) during lunchtime. As a representative you will need to take a one time course supervised by the Student Welfare Officer at the Chemistry Section.  As a safety representative, you will receive information regarding the study environment at the section and the opportunity to influence it!


Course representative for pharmaceutical specialization:


The courses for pharmaceutical specialization in the K-program belongs to the Faculty of Pharmacy. In addition to course and safety representatives, a course representative is therefore needed for specialization in pharmaceuticals. The task as a course representative is to compile the results from the course evaluations that concern the compulsory courses in the specialization in medicine for your year. Shortly after you need to attend a meeting with the course coordinator for the specific course and discuss the results. As a student specializing in pharmaceutics, you can apply for both a course and safety representative and a course representative. NOTE! In connection with completed work as a course representative on each course, you can pick up cinema tickets!




If you have any questions regarding the application, feel free to contact me, Siman Singh at or Matilda Firsching at