Information on Exams With Physical Presence

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As some exams are held with physical presence in an exam hall this fall, here is some useful information on how we as students need to handle this.
There are still very strong recommendations that you should not attend your exam if you have any symptoms of a cold, or if you have not been free of any symptoms for at least 48 h. If you are healthy and feeling well, arrive to the exam hall well ahead of time and keep a distance while standing in line outside. If you are sick, report this to Försäkringskassan immediately so that you can receive eased requirements for the number of credits you need to pass. This could also be good if you have student housing that requires a certain amount of credits each term. If you have any questions, contact the course responsible in first hand. It is a difficult situation for everyone, so continue to keep distance and avoid uneccessary social contacts.
Please take care!💚