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Enzyme-driven catalysis – Glycose oxidase immobilized on inorganic support

Enzyme catalysis supported on porous support has many advantages to other catalytic processes.
The enzyme catalysis is an effective and pure process due to that the enzymes are 100% specific
to each reactant, i.e. no molecules are adsorbed. The enzyme stability can be greatly improved
compared to that of enzymes in solution when mounted onto a porous support. No elevated
pressure, temperature, dangerous chemicals or precious metals are needed for this process.

Glycose oxidase catalyses the oxidation of glucose to hydrogen peroxide and D-glucono-δ-
lactone. In this Master thesis, oxidation of glycose by the enzyme Glycose oxidase immobilized

onto an inorganic support will be studied. The thesis will include the following parts:
(1) Immobilization of enzyme onto inorganic support
(2) Evaluate reaction using known mediator molecules
(3) Try alternative mediator materials
(4) Build a closed circuit and evaluate voltage output
Ceguma AB is a start-up company with mission is to contribute significantly to the global lowering
of greenhouse gas emission within the next 10 years by developing enzyme based CCU
technology. One important milestone for the company is to develop a demonstrator – an enzyme
based reactor. This Master’s Thesis is an exciting possibility for a skilled and ambitious student to
contribute to achive skills in new enzyme-based technology.
To immobilize glycose oxidase onto an inorganic support and prove catalytic reaction and voltage
output for a closed circuit using known and alternative mediator materials.
DESIRED EDUCATION: Master’s Programme in Applied Biotechnology, Master’s Programme
in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering Programme, Bio and Nano Materials – Master’s
Programme in Chemistry
LOCATION: Uppsala Biomedical Centre/Ångström Laboratory
PROJECT START: January 2023
SUPERVISORS: Prof. Gunnar Johansson (gunnar.johansson@kemi.uu.se), Prof. Mats Boman
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